About Me

lifestyle family photographer and videographer based out of Columbus Ohio

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It all started when…

my husband was serving as an active duty Marine. His schedule was demanding leaving me with time and a baby. After my first photography class in 2014 I was hooked. I’ve been continuing to learn and grow ever since! We experienced a lot transitions since then — military moves, new babies, career changes — but photography has been with me through it all.

My family is my inspiration...

and I love to photograph our life. We are a family of five and I enjoy using my talents to creatively document our story. Babies and kids change so fast. I want to bottle it all up. I understand the importance of preserving a moment with a photograph. What seems so ordinary is what we will want documented to look back on one day.

When you work with me you can expect to…

run, dance, play, bear hug. I have the privilege of tagging along on your family adventure. My goal is to capture the love and connection between you and your loved ones. Your family is unique and my job is to showcase your story.

I am passionate about…

living intentionally and building meaningful connections with those you care about most. In this busy world it is important to make time for simple pleasures and to slow down and appreciate the little things. I’ve created a a lifestyle brand centered around a getaway mountain house with a greater purpose of promoting intentional living. Go check it out— Cozy Escapes!


Contributor for: Motherly

Features include: Self Portraits of Motherhood Blog, Life and Lens Blog, @MagicofChildhood, @ig.motherhood, @pixel.kids, @childrenofinstagram, @camera_mama, @mom_hub, @simplychildren