About Me

Lifestyle family photographer based out of Northern Virginia


Wife & Mother 

My family is my inspiration. I understand the important connections between family members. I  understand how fast little ones grow up and how important is to document the details.


My background is in engineering. I enjoy the challenge of working with multiple variables (people, location, weather) to design an end product (gallery of images that tell a story). I also have high attention to detail. Each session is a new and unique opportunity for me to create. The nerd in me also loves the technical side of photography.

Learner & Explorer

I am constantly taking classes, reading material, and listening to podcasts about photography. It is exciting how much there is to learn. I enjoy traveling and discovering new places to photograph.


Features include:

Self Portraits of Motherhood Blog, Life and Lens Blog, @MagicofChildhood, @ig.motherhood, @pixel.kids, @childrenofinstagram, @camera_mama, @mom_hub, @simplychildren


photos by www.victoriaheer.com